Season 7 Session 3: 22 Mar 2023

Ed Mansfield (Penn, presenter) and Omer Solodoch (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), “Pandemic Protectionism: COVID-19 and the Rise of Public Opposition to Trade”

Season 7 Session 2: 15 Feb 2023

Kate McNamara (Georgetown), “The Politics of the New European Industrial Policy: How a Post-Neoliberal Shift Is Transforming the European Union”

Season 7 Session 1: 25 Jan 2023

Patrick Bayer (Strathclyde, presenter) and Federica Genovese (Essex), “Climate Policy Costs, Regional Identity and Backlash against International Cooperation”

Season 6 Session 4: 30 Nov 2022

Chase Foster (TUM) and Jeffry Frieden (Harvard), “Compensation, Austerity, and Populism: Social Spending and Voting in 17 Western European Countries”

Season 6 Session 3: 16 Nov 2022

Simone Cremaschi (Bocconi), Paula Rettl (Bocconi), Marco Cappelluti (UCL), and Catherine E. De Vries (Bocconi, presenter), “Geographies of Discontent: How Public Service Deprivation Increased Far-Right Support in Italy”

Season 6 Session 2: 26 Oct 2022

David Gill (Nottingham), “The Default Taboo: Repayment Norms during the Great Depression”

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Season 6 Session 1: 28 Sept 2022

Julian Michel (UCLA), Michael K. Miller (GWU), Margaret E. Peters (UCLA), “Get Out: How Autocratic Regimes Select Who Emigrates”

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